Niet Normaal INT Foundation

Niet Normaal Foundation aims to create expanded visual art exhibitions on socially relevant themes for a broad audience since its foundation in 2007. Founding director Ine Gevers had already organized I + the Other. Art and the Human Condition and accompanying book Beyond Ethics and Aesthetics. This 1994/1997 project, which she realized along with assistant curator Jeanne van Heeswijk and Hester Alberdingk Thijm, who later became chairwoman of the foundation. I + the Other is known to be the first Dutch politically engaged exhibition and received widespread international praise. The Niet Normaal Foundation presented impactful and largescale triennial exhibitions for the last decade: Niet Normaal · Difference on Display, 2009/2010; Yes Naturally · How art saves the World, 2013; Hacking Habitat · Art of Control, 2016; and ROBOT LOVE, 2018.

In the past period, opportunities have been sought for the Foundation to operate internationally as well. As a result, the Niet Normaal Foundation will from now on continue as the Niet Normaal INT Foundation, with a new form of governance that is more in line with the new ambitions. According to the articles of association, Niet Normaal INT monitors the heritage of former Niet Normaal Foundation and intends to continue activities in the same spirit—with inclusion and accessibility as core values. Goal of the Niet Normaal INT Foundation: concept and development of experience-based exhibitions at the interface of art, design and technology, with the ambition to initiate social discussions, mix audience groups, and to contribute to a liveable world.


Book cover publication 'Robot Love'

ISBN 978-90-8989-776-3
Publisher: Terra, Amsterdam

Book cover publication 'Hacking Habitat'

ISBN 978-94-6208-268-7
NAi010 Publishers, Rotterdam

Book cover publication 'Yes Naturally'

ISBN 978-94-6208-063-8
NAi010 Publishers, Rotterdam

Book cover publication 'Difference on Display: Diversity in Art, Science and Society'

ISBN 978-90-5662-715-7
NAi Publishers, Rotterdam

  • Board until
    December 20, 2019

  • — Emile Aarts
  • — Frens Frijns
    (vice voorzitter)
  • — Anastasia van Gennip
  • — Margreth Verhulst
  • — Julienne Straatman
  • — Zuzanna Skalska

  • Board until
    January 1, 2017

  • — Hester Alberdingk Thijm
  • — Riemer Knoop
    (vice voorzitter)
  • — Toine van der Horst
  • — Julienne Straatman
    (board member)
  • — Frans Vreeke
  • — Vincent Bijlo
  • — Andrée van Es
    (voorzitter light)
  • — Liesbeth van der Kruit
  • — Frank Lubbers
  • — Herese van Schie
  • — Michiel Dijkman
  • — Simon den Hartog


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Niet Normaal INT Foundation
Fiscal code: 859402642

Ine Gevers / Consultancy

The tax authorities have designated the Niet Normaal INT Foundation as ANBI ‐ Public Benefit Organisations.