Niet Normaal
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The goal of the foundation is: to (make) travel experience exhibitions at the interface of art, design and science, with the ambition to mix various public groups, to initiate social discussions and to contribute to a better world. The foundation does not aim making profit.

Concept & Plan
ROBOT LOVE, initiated and organized by the Niet Normaal Foundation, is artistically led by Ine Gevers. ROBOT LOVE investigates the link between humans and robots. Much is being invested in making people ‘robot proof’, but we forget how important it is that robots and AI become ‘human-aware’. ROBOT LOVE welcomes robots and AI as newcomers who have a lot to learn. People can coach them. That requires attention, care and especially love. ROBOT LOVE offers an up close & personal with robots experience. In this way visitors share love with robots. ROBOT LOVE seduces the audience with this much-discussed topic and puts the theory into practice. ROBOT LOVE stimulates questions such as: are we masters, or do we become slaves? Or should we abandon this dichotomy and think about cooperation? Are we going to outsource love and attention to robots? Or do we use AI to consult with ourselves? Are we rational machines, focused on personal gain, or do we become empathic cyborgs? Is attention scarce or do we find ways of distributing love through robotization and AI? Robotization challenges us to think about who we are and who we are going to be.

ROBOT LOVE Eindhoven 2018 took place in Campina Milk Factory Eindhoven from September 15 until December 2, 2018. There was international (media) attention and during the opening proposals were made to let ROBOT LOVE travel internationally. This extension to the website is intended to inform visitors about ROBOT LOVE internationally.

  • Board composition
  • chairman, secretary, treasurer

  • Board
  • — Paulien Osse, director / founder Wage Indicator,
  • — Johan Kolsteeg, assistant professor cultureel ondernemerschap, RUG,
  • — Jorge Alves Lino, Lector Applied Sciences, Fontys University,

  • The work of the management is voluntary